The School of International Education launches the theme activity of "Student apartment Sanitation month"
Editor :潍坊医学院英文网     Time :2019-09-25      Browse Times :334

On the afternoon of Sept. 21 th,  students of the school of International Education held the opening ceremony of the first Student apartment Sanitation month in front of apartment Building No. 1. International students and tutors participated in the activities.

This apartment sanitation month altogether has three stages, the propaganda starts the stage, the theme class meeting stage and the action implementation stage. The purpose of the activities is to show the good spirit and outlook of the foreign students in our school, to actively cultivate the students' personal and environmental hygiene awareness, to eliminate the potential inducements of infectious diseases, and to create a civilized, healthy, clean and tidy living and hygiene environment. At the same time, give full play to the positive role of foreign students self-education, self-service, self-management, self-supervision.

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